Sunday, May 6, 2012

A First Map

Here is the first map for the blog, showing a side view of the Ring Vaults. There are at least 55 different levels that descend into the deep, deep earth, divided into three sections: the Upper Halls, the Mid Vaults and the Lower Deeps.

The levels are connected by stairwells, pit traps, sinkholes, corridors, spiral-stairs, mining tunnels and space warps, some of which are one-way. An underground river flows between the Mid Vaults and the Lower Deeps and there are at least ten extensive caverns, one of them with a sea fed by the river, that dot the lower vaults.

The Upper Halls consist of the seven main entrances to the dungeons, and a score or more minor entrances, and their nearest vaults. The main entrances are located around the Ashford Valley at the following locations:

A. A ruined tower near the western wall of the valley.
B. A sinkhole in the Rolling Hils.
C. A shack on the outskirts of Ashford town.
D. A basalt pinnacle in the Elven Woods.
E. A runestone in the Deep Forest.
F. A cave entrance in the Rolling Hils.
G. A circle of standing stones in the Deep Forest.
H. A river-side cave along the Soot.
I. An abandoned watchtower near the eastern wall of the valley.

The Upper Halls dungeon levels consist of A1-A3, B1, C1, D1-D3, F1-F3, G1-G3, H1-H3 and I1-I2.

The Mid Vaults are A4-A5, B2-B3, C2, D4, E1-E2, F4-F5, G4-G5, H4-H9 and I3-I5.

The Lower Deeps stretch from A6, B4-B6, C3-C5, D5, E3, F6, G6-G7 and H10-H12.

Next: The main entrances on the Ashford Valley map.

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  1. Looks fantastic Matt and great to see the above ground locations marked on the map.


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