Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Basics, Part 3


Water is plentiful in the vaults and there are a variety of basins on walls, fountains and pools in rooms, and streams running through the under-halls. The water is clean, with very few poisoned or toxic sources and many creatures lair near the major sources. Magical waters exist within the dungeons as well, but taste them carefully, for many have weird properties and not all beneficial.


Besides monsters eating other monsters and adventurers (as they are wont to do), food is relatively plentiful in the Ring Vaults as well. Many locations include a magical wall shelf that dispenses a flat, bland trail bread (treat as iron rations) with the push of a button. While it is possible to live on this bread, it quickly tests even the most unadventurous eater's palate due to it's lack of flavor. These dispensaries rarely are dangerous, except for the companies that gather near them, and seem impervious to destruction. Many experienced adventurers have claimed that this food is just another way to punish anyone who seeks glory or treasure in the deeps.

Other edibles exist as well, within the various communities and growing wild among the vaults, and often these foodstuffs have nearby cultivators who will fight for their territory. Raid these plots, both large and small, at your peril.

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