Thursday, May 3, 2012

Basics, Part 4


Waste management is important for a dungeon this size and disease from waste is a frequent issue with the rougher beasts and humanoids. Conveniently, there are many areas of the dungeon that are empty and used exclusively for disposal.

Most of the dungeon is clean (or at least not a complete toxic hazard) because something or someone regularly releases gelatinous cubes and other waste-removing creatures into the halls. Often, a previously visited area is cleaned in this fashion when visitors return.


The Ring Vaults is not a killer-trap-of-death-filled dungeon, but they do exist and many are set up by denizens waiting to catch the unwary, rather than specific to the dungeon.

Some traps are deadly, but most are annoying or distracting or designed to capture and wound rather than kill. A smart or clever party (or just a lucky one) can avoid them or trip them with little damage.

The few dungeon-specific traps are often re-set after being sprung, sometimes repaired if damaged and sometimes re-armed with ammunition, while the denizen-generated traps are definitely rebuilt and re-set, but only if there are survivors to do so.

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