Monday, April 30, 2012

Basics, Part 1


All dungeons beneath the Ashford Valley are all part of the same dungeon: The Ring Vaults. And this series of sub-dungeons stretch East to West, from valley wall to valley wall, and North to South, from the Rolling Hils to the High Cliffs, connected by corridors, pit-traps or space-warps. If you find a way into the earth below, it will hook up to the rest of the Ring Vaults sooner than later.

In and Out

There are many entrances and exits to the Ring Vaults - from the surface and level-to-level. The major entrances from the surface world include the basalt pinnacle in the Elven Woods, a river cave along the Soot, a variety of ruins scattered across the valley, a stone circle or two, and even a forgotten shack in Ashford town. Getting in isn't the problem, getting out is.

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